Data Science


Data Science Services for the Intelligent Enterprise

Custom Data Science Solutions

Our team of data scientists provides you with in-depth data science solutions. We help you collect, extract and efficiently structure data for analysis while developing algorithms to process the data. Our elaborate dashboards provide you with valuable actionable insights to transform your businesses and operations.


Our team of data scientists will walk you through all the variables that are related to data in your business. Find out the tools, algorithms, and technology that you will need to help you gain a competitive advantage.

We offer On-premise or cloud driven predictive & prescriptive analytics for Omni channel personalized product recommendations, loyalty based ancillary offers, retail consumer returns management, customer churn management, staffing, scheduling and allocation solutions for Tier 1 Retailers, Global Manufacturers and Services industries.

Data Science Consulting

Advanced Machine Learning

Our specializes in building state-of-the-art computer vision systems and deep neural networks. Our machine learning systems are trained to solve particular problems to achieve a business target.

Discover and uncover hidden patterns, anomalies, and trends in your business. Use data to make predictive models for accurate predictions to eliminate risks, proactively capitalize on opportunities, and increase ROI.

Predictive Analytics

Recommendation Engine – Prescriptive Analytics

We use the insights from descriptive and predictive analytics to arrive at solutions that help to utilize patterns in an optimum and feasible manner to solve a particular problem. Data helps us arrive at viable solutions that will positively impact ROI.
We use our expertise in Data Science to analyze data in comparison with your closest competitors. This gives you a detailed picture of how you can use your data infrastructure to discover hidden opportunities and threats.

Competitive Intelligence