Technology Innovation

Before you make large capital expenditure decisions for the development of innovative technology solutions, talk to us to understand how you could “test the waters” with new technologies. SS International Technology Innovation and Proof of Concept (PoC) services help you make informed technology decisions.

Take the Guesswork out of Technology Innovation


We facilitate the identification of client needs through brainstorming sessions and research. We evaluate the duration of the pilot along with the deliverables and work components that are required to make this a successful project. With our past work as a benchmark, as well as other real-world case studies, we conduct a feasibility study to understand the maturity of the tools and technology involved, and propose a timeline for the PoC development. Through our extensive patenting expertise, we help clients secure their Intellectual Property and file for patents to secure unique inventions.
The design phase begins with the final set of features that will be included in the PoC. This will include detailed designs even including mechanical drawings to showcase the intricate details of the proposed prototype. We will also highlight and discuss the application architecture and user-interface designs that are applicable to the PoC.

Design Phase

PoC Implementation

The engineering team focuses mainly on the development, implementation, and improvement of the PoC. It includes vigorous testing of the system as well as early testing at our client’s venue. During this phase, we will make all the necessary refinements in multiple development iterations to incorporate the feedback. This phase will conclude with us setting up the final PoC at the agreed location(s).
We understand and familiarize ourselves with the correct support requirements while providing all of the necessary onsite and offsite support during the pilot stage. Our team of experts and business analysts will answer all technical and business-related questions to ensure that our client and all related stakeholders are aware of the advantage of such a project.

Execution of the Pilot

Conclusion of the Pilot

At the culmination of the pilot, our team of business analysts starts to prepare detailed reports, highlighting all the observations, key lessons learnt, and the business impact to the client. We also provide technical details that help with analyzing user experience, ROI, and required technology useful to make decisions.